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Newly Released!
Foil Fencing: Technique, Tactics, and Training, by István Lukovich
An essential handbook for basic foil technique and tactics, plus how to teach them to beginners and more advanced students. Distills the wisdom of generations of fencing masters and adapts them to the needs of contemporary competition. Nearly 200 illustrations.

The Mental Preparation of Fencers and Others by Aladar Kogler
Remake yourself into a fencer who doesn't need strip coaching and doesn't wilt under pressure -- master your mind and your tactics. Train your fencers for independence. Aladar Kogler distills 5 decades of coaching mastery into a book which combines sports psychology, neuroscience, and fencing-specific knowledge.

Best-sellers of Historical Fencing!
The Art of the Two-Handed Sword
 Alfieri's Il Spadone, translated and with a practical modern method for learning and training with the long two-hander, by Ken Mondschein.

The Art of the Dueling Sabre
Radaelli's groundbreaking sabre method, translated and with a modern method for learning and practicing with the dueling sabre, by Christopher Holzman. 
Now a widely-ordered textbook
A Basic Foil Companion, by Paul Sise
More than just the basics -- a thorough, informative introduction to fencing in general and foil in particular. The perfect accompaniment for any beginning or intermediate foil class. On-line rates for quantity orders available.
2-time Olympic Champion Mariel Zagunis, Hall of Fame Coach Ed Korfanty, and Author Zbigniew Borysiuk discuss Borysiuk's Modern Saber Fencing. Just
Click here!  
In the Pipeline:
The Warrior's Workbook, by Harry James (January, 2014)


Now a popular textbook! A Basic Foil Companion is your fencing coach's assistant -- a necessary guide if you're taking a basic foil class. It explains and illustrates basic concepts and provides vocabulary, quizzes, and valuable insights.

: Modern Saber Fencing  -- the first English-language saber book in over 50 years! (Book and DVD pictures below). Technique -- tactics -- training -- plus advanced sports science research. With an intro by Olympic Coach Ed Korfanty! Book and DVD are now available as a money-saving bundle.  The DVD clearly illustrates the basics of saber fencing, showing how the basic moves are executed today.  Plus it shows how the exercises in the book are performed. Don't just get one -- get both!  
    And watch Ed Korfanty and Mariel Zagunis talk about this book and DVD with author Zbigniew Borysiuk!  Just click here!
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